My Junior High School Geekness

There are several wonderful things about working in Richmond on Gypsy but one joy that has almost been impossible for me to hide is the close proximity to Colonial Williamsburg!   After more years than I want to count I was able to fully get in touch with that geeky junior high school self who spent one of the most magical weeks of my young life on a school field trip.  Driving a bus from Michigan to DC, Williamsburg and Monticello with my best pals who stuffed themselves with American History seemed almost too much fun to be real.  Somewhere in my dad’s house is a shoe box of the photos I took of this trip fading yellow as only pictures from our youth could.   Going on what I remembered both of our history and my memories I set off….

So recently on day with no shows, my two friends Jose and Jeff smiled and laughed at my utter transformation into a geeky adolescence excited to experience anything “ye ole…”.  As the day progressed everything we talked about (ok, mostly me) became “ye ole…” as in –

“I need a ye old visit to the restroom” or “Look, it’s a ye squirrel  in a field”.  Try it around your house now…. I will wait.   Cool right??

What struck me most, was how much I remembered correctly.  Colonial WilliamsbugColonial Williamsburg Dec 2015-415_HDRCertain buildings and intricacies of a working blacksmith, or tavern or government remained accurate over the years.  The things I fleshed out in my mind over the years was way off including the dimensions of things.  The battle field outside the armory or the width of the streets were much smaller in scale for instance. image imageThere were less costumed characters milling around but the ones who were around and tour guides were much more educational in there presentations.   As an actor I was fascinated with the seamless way these guides and apprentices slipped into their characters.  Characters that in some cases were obviously deeply developed.  LOVED IT.

My son is a little too young still to really get the full enjoyment out of this magical living museum but I am counting down the years!  Possible even starting him on some American History in preparation.  To all those that were on that bumpy bus ride for a week, thank you.  Was a gift to be able to revisit a time in my life that was pure “ye ole BLISS”



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