Saying YES!


There are mome20160618-_18a8856nts in life when you get offered an opportunity that seemingly comes out of left field but that gives your heart a flutter and you find yourself saying YES before you get the chance to even think. A couple I know who really won my love and respect with their parenting skills, humor and insane crazy creative talents, asked me if I would capture their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. YES of course I agreed!

This was a big honor for me and one that I didn’t want to mess up especially as this wouluntitled-286d be my first Bat Mitzvah. They were giving me the gift of capturing their celebration in my own special storytelling ways. I of course did my research on what this ceremony was about in terms of its meaning and practices but when I approach any project the first thing I do, even before thinking about the logistics of light and equipment, is to set a goal for myself. In this case, my goal was to capture a lovely young lady in that  state between being a young girl but also walking towards adulthood as she was surrounded by her loved ones and friends. I kept asking myself as I made pictures during the day, “is what I am seeing in my lens reinforce my goal?”   I find that when creating having a goal an objectives frees up the creative mind.

As my first, and hopefully not untitled-423last, Bat Mitzvah I couldn’t have asked for better clients! The day was truly a highlight for me that was full of love laughter and sometimes even decent light. I am very grateful they trusted me with their family’s special day and that I said YES!untitled-179

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