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Going where the bliss leads me.


Chris Hietikko_Blue ShirtCrazy I know, but since I was in the 4th grade I knew I wanted to be an actor. It could have been the quick taste I had in Mr. Hiltzs class play about history where my big line was Stand up for the freedom of the press! I stole one of those heavy round rolling stools from the librarian so when my moment came I would be sure to be seen and heard. And I was. Or it could be I saw acting as a safe place to explore and express my emotions. Being a Leo many assume its the spot light that I crave, but to be honest, to me being an actor is about exploring the moment to moment in a story as well digging in to find that connective tissue between us all.

My acting bliss hit hard and early in life. Thanks to some amazing teachers that encouraged me to follow my path and showed me that you could actually make money with this wonderful kooky job that I love. I am proud to say that after 26 years as a professional I still love being an actor, I love the auditions, the process of building a show, the rituals and that amazing moment when the lights go down and everyone in the building takes a collective breath as the moment to moment begins.



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Graphic Designer

Sometime over the last 10 years I admitted to myself that if I stop creating for any period of time, I get antsy. I start to literally lose my mind which surprisingly, makes my family very miserable. Something happens to me and I get odd, I mumble, keeping focus is difficult and just — well, the light inside gets dimmer.

Some years back while in LA killing time between acting gigs, I found a bootleg copy of Photoshop. To say that I was hooked is an understatement! I started training both in the program but also began discussing with commercial clients while on sets what marketing and graphic components brought them the most success, finding out from them what graphic concepts were current and most inspiring to sell their products. Before I knew it, I had clients coming to me for work, “work” that started out simply as something to scratch my artistic antsy-ness. My clients include actors, theatre companies across the country, Universal Studios, Mt. Sinai Hospitals, Specialized high end furniture stores, Big Apple Bike Tours, a small boutique gym, the Kauai Board of Tourism and Broadway Bootcamp. The list continues to as I continue my growth but I am most proud of being the in house graphic designer for The Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training, which is a multimillion dollar research facility helping thousands of people worldwide. My graphic design interest has led me to directing training videos for C.H.E.S.T. and other healthcare institutions. I would love to discuss your design needs.


PHONE: (646) 598-4348


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